The Girl With The Broken Spirit

Happiness, Love and Light

course forgiveness piece

I finally heard it.

The exact words that describe what happened to me when I was a little girl.

“My spirit got broken.”

When I heard someone say those words the other day, a whole new world of pain opened up for me when I realized that it was exactly it, the perfect description to what started my journey into darkness.

I was this innocent light with so much happiness, so much joy and such a trusting nature.

I could do anything, talk to anyone, love everyone….I was full of life.

Then at the age of 7, fear entered into my life and I slowly started to disappear and disconnect from the fiery spirit I was born with.

Being a sensitive soul from the beginning, I could always feel everything around me, the negative energy, the positiver energy and hated the feeling when any sort of conflict would arise.


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