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zapHey there! My name is Ra, — welcome home.

I’ve built a good life…. a few times over.  I’m in the process of doing it again and I’m awfully glad you’re here for the ride.

You should know:  I’m not really a writer– I’m really more a reader than anything else– but I like to tell stories.  True ones, trimmed with fanciful lace and adorned with steel buttons.

You might be here because you stumbled on this page.  You might be here because you saw something I said or read, and traced me back to my bloggy home.

But you’re probably here because you heard one of these things:

  1. I love someone you love.
  2. I recently became a felon and a widow.
  3. There’s lots of blog-building activities and suggestions to be found here.
  4. This blog and the love that happens here, are quasi-folklore-esque.

No matter what…

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